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Date Title
09/01/2013 Global Economic Outlook and RMB Internationalization
15/11/2012 Master Series Seminar: China Securitization Market
Oct to Dec 2012 HKSI & TWF Series Programme
14/09/2012 Offshore RMB Markets Update - International Expansion
14-15 June 2012 HKSI Mission to Singapore 2012
08/05/2012 Hong Kong's Strategic growth as a Global Financial Centre
10/04/2012 Singapore Covered Bonds - MAS Consultation Paper
27/03/2012 Hong Kong Clearing Platform for Offshore RMB Business
23/11/2011 Introduction to Exchange Traded Funds in Hong Kong
21-22 Nov 2011 Australian Securitisation Forum Conference

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* Unless stated otherwise, above events are held in Hong Kong.